A year back Gloify begins as product development startup in Bangalore, which has now transformed into full-fledged IT and Software development organization. With the growing technology and opportunities, we have a team of engineers and entrepreneurs from IIT with a strong background in product development, building large scale systems, research in state-of-the-art machine learning and analytics in market intelligence.

Our team of experts has specialized in different areas to meet the requirements in different projects, with their collective experiences managed to bring in the right kind of leadership and expertise that is required to grow a company and convert it into a bankable brand.

The world of internet is turned in to the small global village with its advanced technologies, and we have all latest and innovative technologies Frameworks and Software architecture to provide extensive and quality development services to our clients and identify the exact requirements of the client and develop the product with the great strategy and planning.

Our areas of expertise range across the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) from architectural design, software development, unit and integration testing and implementation, for a variety of applications including Web Applications, UI/UX, Rails Development, MVP Development, and JS Development

We Maintain an Effective Culture at the Workplace:

The work culture at our organization is a combination of qualities that offer a positive ambiance and a healthy work environment that leads to satisfied our employees and help them increase their productivity. We are very partial when it comes to treating our employee and we treat each employee as one.

We praise employees on their every small to big achievement at work by giving them a pat on their back. We have employee friendly policies and practical guidelines and everyone has the liberty to express their views and we appreciate them for their ideas & contribution towards work.

We promote team building to bind the employees together. Clarity of mission, vision, and values and whether they honestly reflect the beliefs and philosophies of your organization

Our Latest Projects

Online Marketplace platform for freight:  

It is a marketplace platform for the fleet operator and shippers for making their shipment daily loads for easy through this convenient platform.

Sales Platform:    

It is a comprehensive, data-driven sales readiness platform on the market, and it offers a modern, engaging experience of on-boarding boarding, microlearning, and skills development.

E-commerce Platform:

It is a fantastic platform designed for all your pet needs. Where pet parents can purchase food and accessories for their pets.

Online home interior design:  

It is an interior design marketplace, and it was established to connect the end customer with the designer.


Fintech is multi-role fully enabled the company of our client that providing a working capital loan to SME borrowers.

Inventory and Billing Software:

It is a Smart Cloud-based Invoicing and Inventory application with an easy to use interface and advanced data.

Logistic Software:

This is a logistic Software Platform that includes Cargo Partner, This platform gives an end to end solution for logistic needs which includes Real-time tracking, smart route optimization.

Hosteling Industry:

A unique housing concept created for students, moving to a new place to pursue their dreams.                         



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