Life will never be the same without mobile applications we use every day. We all have the favorites collection of apps that we tend to check as often as possible. There are millions of them being launched every day, but only a few become popular. Here, we are presenting the top mobile app development trends.

Mobile apps are the most valuable technological innovation that has made our life so accessible that, we can do almost everything to move our life around using only our smartphone. The year 2019 was wonderful for technological advancements, and most of us have experienced interaction with AI and ML-enabled different applications and devices in some way. From IoT offering investment opportunities to AI Mobile Apps making you old, there is a lot that we have seen and experienced this year. 

The mobile app industry has been reshaping the business for years now. Despite the business area, each organization needs to integrate the latest mobile application development technologies to garner maximum growth and multiply the means to reach the targeted audience. Companies large and small are catering to the mobile platform with new developments. The mobile development prospects predict that the security of the mobile applications and transferring of data will be joined by a more noteworthy lift to security. As for now, not all IoT devices have this kind of security features. In the next year, this is promised to change. According to Statista, mobile apps are expected to generate $693 B in revenue by 2020. 

Today, the apps hold the ability to build the visibility of a brand by million folds and each business person is making a decent attempt to take its advantages. According to tech experts, the mobile app industry is one such industry that is showing massive growth if we talk about numbers. Here the top mobile app development trends that we are going to watch in 2020.

Upcoming mobile app trends in 2020

  1. Using AI / ML in the Apps
  2. Internet of things (IoT)
  3. Emerging Wearable Technology
  4. Beacon Technology
  5. Instant Apps
  6. AR & VR
  7. Chatbots
  8. 5G Technology

Using AI / ML in the Apps

Artificial Intelligence, despite the business, utilizing AI will assist you with huge data collections, media, automatization, and forecasts. We have seen various AI portable applications contacting a million user base and increasing massive prevalence in the year 2019. Hence, various AI applications will continue being going through providers of as-a-service platform, which will enable them to just feed in their own information and pay for the compute resources and algorithms as they use them. 

The integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence is very helpful in app development. Whether it is iOS app development or Android app development, it can gain proficiency with the method of application working from prior information, recognize issues, and investigate them continuously.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT) giving us freedom of technology that was unimaginable a decade ago, by the time not just your house or workspace, but in the future, we can control nearly everything with the use of IoT systems. And IoT helping different startups to take advantage of IoT to solve everyday problems, 

The transportation industry has been seen utilizing the IoT to solve many problems, world fastest-growing app-based bike-sharing startup Bounce, India has been able to create a dockless scooter, allows users to pick up and drop its scooters almost anywhere in the city.

Emerging Wearable Technology

Wearables are already making huge waves among users. Many people already use them in forms of smartwatch,  trackers, fitness bands, smartwatches, and even smart rings. These wearables have changed our way of interaction with smart devices.

A study of Business Insider states an increase of 35% in the wearable market in 2019. Another research report by another examination report by Statista declares a stunning revenue of $33 billion produced by wearable devices by the end of 2019. With technology advancement, we can expect wearable applications to soon become an important part of our everyday lives.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has made some amazing progress since its presentation by Apple in 2013 and is relied upon to continue developing. This year, Global Market Insights predicted that the beacon technology market is set to surpass $25 billion by 2024. Beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. So when the phone enters a beacons zone, the important application promptly gets this flag and gives relevant notifications and guidance for the users.

We’re likely to see it more than ever in the form of beacon-enabled airports, mobile payments beacons, and even robotized personal beacons. The use of beacons technology can help make virtual tours more personalized and information sharing more smooth and secure. It’s sheltered to state the innovation has a lot of possibilities and is relied upon to add to the advertising scene in the coming years. 

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Instant Apps

Most users have a specific limit to the amount of memory they can spare to app downloads on their smartphones. This makes them super-fussy with regards to choosing applications to download. Instant apps are similar to native mobile apps that provide you a seamless user experience and memory-efficient services. The one major advantage is that you do not need to install it in your device or worry about storage. 

Apps with all these amazing traits will be the trend in mobile app development. Business seeking to build this kind of mobile apps for better customer experience.


The interest for VR and AR applications is picking pace in each industry, for example, retail, medical services, instruction, travel, and so forth. Mobile apps utilizing AR & VR technologies to create amazing experiences for mobile users and helping businesses increase sales. AR and VR are throttling up to exhibit its amazing innovation in 2020 than this year or the past one. 

Augmented and virtual reality technology is nothing new, this innovation has just been incorporated into some large name applications in both the retail and gaming businesses.  Implementing AR and VR technologies into app design presents developers and designers with an opportunity to create a more immersive and personalized user experience. A lot of people love the sheer immersion both can give. Mobile apps based on AR and VR are already dominating the App and Play Stores, and people’s satiety for this novelty is not wanting any time soon.


In the mobile app world, chatbots have just taken over various correspondence angles. A part of this is associated with the requirement for having real-time interaction between the customers and the service providers. Data study and experts say that by 2020, around 85% of communications that we will make with organizations will be through chatbots. 

In this tech-savvy world,  bots are prepared or bot learning is going on to talk with the customers in an increasingly conversational manner. You can even expect the chatbots to talk with slang as well.  Being entwined with artificial intelligence, chatbots can convert the conversational data into useful marketing information for the business

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5G Technology

The long-awaited arrival of 5G is just a year away, with the technology finally making the move from idea to reality in 2020. The roll-out will bring next-generation connectivity to help businesses thrive in the data-driven era and, along with never-seen-before data capacity, 5G networks will offer incredibly high speeds and high capacity.

5G systems guarantee to fortify versatile availability and improve the cell phone understanding by giving lower idleness and accelerating information sharing up to multiple times quicker than existing wireless technology. 2020 will see an increased focus on boosting app performance through lower latency, higher bandwidth, more rapid data sharing, core process automation and speed of 5G.

From playing Pokemon go to using chatbots to ask queries, we all interacting with the advanced technology-enabled application in our day to day life. Businesses are focusing on using all these advanced development trends to enhance their customer experience and generate more revenue. With growing data and advanced technology, we can expect our coming future more accessible and productive.

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