Top UI/UX design trends in 2022

UI/UX trends

UI/UX has an important role in the success and failure of a website. 

According to a Forrester report, 97% of websites fail to perform because of bad UI/UX. User experience defines how the user will perceive your brand. 94% of users move further to the details of the website based on the design of the landing page. It doesn’t matter how relevant your site is and how excellent your products are. The user will move to your competitor if he feels your website has outdated and poor designs.

The only way to gain customers and stay ahead of your competitors is to get better UI and UX design.

UI/UX trends have continuously changed since the Covid-19 Pandemic. The trends that you feel now may not exist tomorrow. Looking at the change in lifestyle and demand of the users UI/UX trends are getting influenced.

In this blog, we will explore the top UI/UX trends that will rule 2022 and gain users’ interest.

Let’s check out those trends

#1-Dark Mode:

The Dark Mode or Dark Theme is not something new for UI/UX trends. There are several websites and applications available that allow users to toggle between a light mode and a dark mode. Dark mode plays a vital role in user experience as the users spend their maximum time with their laptops and smartphones.

As well, users appreciate the new model, as the looks of the particular application or website change to elegant, stylish and modern.

The aesthetic appeal is not the only reason dark mode is popular among users. Additionally, it offers a few other advantages. 

  • The black model doesn’t reflect light as compared to the normal mode.
  • The readability of text becomes easier.
  • It reduces eye strain, especially using the device at night.
  • The battery of the device lasts for more time.
#2-3D Designs:

The trend of the dark mode approach is not something new. If you have not included the feature on your website or application so far, It’s time to start.

3D design is one of the popular UI/UX trends these days. Users stick to your web page or application when they find something interesting and informative. 3D designs have not only been attracting users but help in creating an overall engaging user experience. Some of the benefits of having 3D design and animation on your website or application are:

  • It is eye-catching and users will never pass by.
  • It gives a photorealistic effect to the users.
  • A better way to set futuristic vibes on your web or application.

Despite some drawbacks on page speed, 3D is trending and will be in more demand in the coming days with the arrival of 5G technology.

#3-Augmented and Virtual reality:

The trend of Augmented and Virtual reality grew dramatically with the Covid19 Pandemic. The implementation of AR/VR in design brought a fundamental shift in user experience. The users don’t need to give any command to the app integrated with this technology. The device automatically responds to the user’s environment and interprets actions and gestures in real-time.

Before this technology was only used in the gaming industry. But now it is being utilised in every industry like automobile, fashion and retail, real estate, tourism, interior design, education etc.AR/VR offers a brand new way of interacting with brands and changing the shape of eCommerce. Along with that some of the benefits of AR/VR are 

  • It is highly interactive and operates simultaneously with the real-time environment.
  • It blends the lines between the digital and physical world.

This trend will have a huge impact on the way we design in the future. Looking at its trend, it’s a time to prepare yourself for the future of UI/UX design.

#4-Frictionless authentication:

In User Experience design, friction is the one that prevents the user from accomplishing their needs or getting things done. When it comes to authentication UX is the top priority. If the users face complexity in sign-up they not only stop using your app, but they may move to your competitors.  

According to a report, 70% of users prefer an authentication method for its ease of use. From per user perspective, several apps and websites started using social login or biometrics. It gives a better user experience along with it prevents them from sharing their details. 

Usually, users want to get things done effortlessly as soon as possible. So unwanted functions like questions and answers, unclear navigation, and unfamiliar design patterns force users to leave your website or application. 

So Frictionless authentication is one of the top UI/UX trends of 2022 and will be on priority in the coming days.


Micro-interactions are one of the popular UI/UX trends for engaging and providing an excellent user experience. Micro-interaction is present in every software application. They may be small, but have a big impact as they make the user experience easier. The “Retweet ” feature on Twitter and the “skip intro” button on OTT Platforms, are the best examples of micro-interaction. 

As the business is looking for faster connections with their customers, they need to take advantage of micro-interaction that provides customers with a positive user experience. Some of the benefits of optimising it for websites and applications are:

  • Users get quick feedback based on their actions on the application.
  • Engage users to tour more features available on the application.
  • The sense of operation gets increased.

With time, now micro-interactions are getting replaced with advanced versions. Advanced micro-interaction allows the user to interact with the applications with gestures and touchless controls. Although a less number of applications have implemented this advanced feature, it is expected that in 2022 we can see more and more of these features.

#6-Bold Typography:

Typography is a cornerstone of UX design that can make or break the success of a website or application. As we all know that more than 90% of online information is in text form, it is much more important to choose an attractive font for a site or app.

There may be valuable related information for the users on your website but it is of no use unless they stick on your site or app. Bold typography is one of the ways used in UI/UX trends to grab users’ attention easily. 

Bold typography makes itself different from the rest of the text present on the webpage and becomes an attention seeker among the visitors.

There are several popular websites like Nike and Dropbox that have adopted this technique on their homepage. This is a proactive approach which will continue to grow in 2022.

#7-Design System:

The use of a design system allows designers to create work quickly while adhering consistently to the same standards. It creates a common library of UI design to be used by everyone within a team or organisation. To create a successful product, you need a design system that keeps designers, developers, and the entire team focused and unified.

Adobe XD, Figma, and Ant Design are the most popular open-source design systems. The maximum number of companies have implemented this design system, as the entire team (i.e. Design team, Product team and Marketing team) are getting benefit from this common system. It is expected to see more of such open-source design systems in 2022.

#8-Cursor interactions:

A cursor is a fundamental web design tool that bridges the gap between the web application and users. It is something that every visitor interacts with and allows them to take action on a site. A cursor plays a significant role in visitors’ journey to a site. 

In recent years, we have experienced a major evolution in cursor interaction. UX designers have changed the shape and size of cursors and added unique effects. 

Ultimately, these improvements are not just impressing visitors but facilitating a more effective user experience.UI/UX trends in 2022 will enable cursor interactions with a sophisticated design that will play a bigger role in delivering a smart and trendy user experience.

#9-Neuromorphic design:

Neuromorphic design is a visual trend that is gaining popularity in the UI/UX trends of 2022. It combines background colours, shapes, gradients, and shadows to ensure UI elements’ graphic intensity. As endomorphism is visually simple, it’s an ideal fit for digital products. Some of its advantages of it are:

  • The user Interface becomes elegant and makes users feel comfortable using it.
  • Accelerates the process of conceptualising, building, testing, and iterating new screens. 
  • It helps designers keep products visually consistent as they evolve.

Several applications are using Neuromorphic design. With more advancement, We might see more implementation of Neumorphic UI in 2022.

#10-Minimising complexity:

“Super Apps” are gaining popularity in Asian countries. WeChat and Yandex are the top examples of Super Apps. These apps have integrated services such as messaging, social media, payment, e-commerce, food delivery, cab-hailing and many more under a single platform.

Top of that. We can see many mega players like Google have started creating super-apps. Google has now integrated multiple apps for Gmail, Google Meet, and Google Hangout Chat into one single app under Gmail. 

Since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, apps have added several features to a single platform. Along with the addition of these features and functionalities, complexities have been raised in these apps. These complexities have affected users’ experience.

Minimising the complexities of these apps will be one of the top UI/UX trends in 2022. It will be up to designers to keep interfaces clean and intuitive as companies cram more offerings and services into their apps. 


Above is the list of UI/UX trends. We can look forward to more convenient and smarter ideas that can make our lives better with these trends.

As new trends are continually emerging and growing, UX/UI professionals should stay informed about current trends and leverage them. An updated design brings interest in users toward your product and services.

If you want to implement any of the above trends in your business, then Gloify is the best option for you to choose. To date, we have built several websites and applications with the trending UI/UX trends. Contact us if you need any assistance in  UI/UX designs.