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Today, the majority of traffic online is pushed by mobile devices. Your business can leverage this trend by having a mobile app. But to maximize the potential of your mobile app, you need to develop the finest and high functional app. For accomplishment, you need help from experts and experienced mobile app developers.

Gloify is a leading mobile app development company in India based out of Bangalore. We provide end-to-end mobile app development services tailored to your unique business needs. If your enterprise needs customized mobile app development services from experts with extensive experience and skills, we will be the best fit for your requirements. Our dedicated team is always ready to transform your innovative ideas into Effortless and user-friendly Android, iOS, and hybrid mobile apps.

Mobile App Development Services We Offer

Android App Development

We are an expert android app development company offering excellent and dynamic android phone applications. We create Android apps that look great on any mobile screen resolution and enable rich user experiences compatible with even the most advanced Android OS.

iOS App Development

We specialise in iOS app development. And to keep you ahead of the competition, our team stays updated on current market trends. Utilizing the latest technologies, we develop the best and most innovative iOS applications that offer a compelling customer experience.

Cross-platform App Development

We deliver cross-platform app development services, enabling you to reach your customers regardless of their devices. We have well-trained developers familiar with the latest cross-platform tools and technologies that can help you outreach more customers with less investment.

Why Choose Gloify for your Mobile App Development?

As a leading mobile app development company in India, we not only build convenient and exclusive mobile apps. But even we focus on maintaining transparency with our clients by carrying out a complete App development cycle in a process.

Research & Brainstorming

Our mobile app development process starts by gathering all the requirements from the client along with the app's goals and objectives. Our team performs in-depth research on the app users and its competitors and chooses a mobile platform for the app.

Design & Prototyping

The primary aim of an App design is to offer an intuitive and seamless user experience with a classic look. Therefore, our UI/UX designers create compatible and functional designs. They prepare a prototype of the app that provides details like resolution, size and placement of different UI elements.

App Development

This phase includes the beginning of the coding. Our developers establish the development environment, create parts of the code, perform preliminary testing, and provide input on the finished product.

App Testing

The developed code goes through several tests at this phase. Our QA team performs various testing like user experience, performance, functional, security and platform testing to ensure the application is usable, stable and secure.

Deployment & Support

After the deployment, we keep track of its usage and KPIs through an analytics platform to measure the success of the Mobile App.

Technologies We Specialize in

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