Do Your Thng (DYT) is an influencer marketing platform that helps any social media influencer to monetize their content and community. They provide two solutions. An app for creators that helps them to make money from their content. Secondly, a self-serve web desk module for marketers to execute influencer campaigns in a quick, targeted and economically attractive way.

Besides brand campaigns, Do Your Thng helps with the nitty-gritty of running a creator business. From legal contracts to invoice generator, DYT offer support that simplify a creator’s life. So, you get to do your Thng and focus on what matters most.


The Client has come up with a beautiful marketing idea of building a community that can help any social media influencer to monetise their digital assets. The only problem they had was that they didn’t have any idea of how to start.


Gloify team gave the best solution to create a Mobile App and web application, as per the client’s requirements, we started implementing all those features on both platforms. Additionally, we gave them the idea of setting up an admin panel. We have implemented the set-up in two dashboards. One is for the client, where they could check their influencers details, and another for their partners, where they can check about the product that is promoted by the influencer.

Final Result

After understanding the complete requirement of the client, we started building a responsive community based platform. Our intent was to build a user based app, where users can create content, share among their fans and get paid. Apart, we have set up an admin panel and certain additional Features.

Gloify team has completed the project fulfilling all the requirements from the client’s end. Our combined approach helps the client to develop a marketing platform where they could bring social media influencers to one channel and tie up with various brands. Gloify has researched and given them an idea about multiple features that were later on implemented by our team.

We have developed several features like multi-user dashboard creation, Payment gateway, Chat, Social Media Integration, etc. As a trusted tech partner we have also help DYT secure $1 million initial funding.

Project Details

  • Company Name:
  • Do Your Thngs (DYT)
  • Product Type:
  • Mobile App & Web Application
  • Tech Stack:
  • Python , Django
  • Website:
  • https://doyourthng.com/

Grateful to be associated with Gloify, a Highly skilled and professional team. They have helped us in launching our app on time and also helped us increase our business network and secure funding. Wish all the best to the team!

Ankit Aggarwal
Founder & CEO, DYT