Bots- A Technology Trend to Follow

bots technology

We are living in an era of the continuous emerging technology world, and everyday technology is heading to its next level of innovation.  Every day our many small tasks depend on technology from booking our cab to ordering our food from the favourite restaurants, and many more.  But what if we don’t have to worry about doing these tasks by ourselves when every particular task will be done by our virtual assistants. That is the promise behind the bot technology.

Bots are a software application developed with Artificial Intelligence technology that can complete different tasks in an automated way, without human intervention. Such as making your reservation in restaurants, reminding you of your appointments. These virtual assistants can answer questions and help you get things done faster without needing to speak to another human.

The most increasing form of bots that we can find are chatbots and we often find these, live inside in many messaging apps. These chatbots are designed in a way to provide a quick and useful answer to user questions to give the user a feeling that they are chatting with a human.

The boats we’re talking about being much like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant which can communicate through chat or speech. These virtual assistants are smart enough to help us with small tasks and answers to our questions like weather information, adding reminders to the calendar, searching our queries on search engines and many more things that these bots can perform.

Apart from these virtual assistants, bots are using many other forms, search engines like Google broadly use bots as web crawlers, to analyze content and index the web. Social bots like Twitterbot is used to produce automated posts on Twitter.

Bots technology is making a far-reaching impact. AI and bots are the future of business and each representing technological advances. It will bring changes to the various aspects of the businesses, changing the way companies interact with their clients. As of now, bots run as isolated scripts on a website or in messing apps.

No longer have bots come to be seen as agents similar to humans to handles bots the same way as human staff, in contact centers and other job roles.

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