What is Node.JS and its importance in today’s digital world.

What is Node.js? 

Node.js is a cross platform, open source JavaScript runtime environment (JRE) which allows building JavaScript programs for the server-side. Node.js is more than a decade old now and runs on V8 engine.

While many consider Node.js to be only a backend framework, this technology also can be wont to build front-end. 

Most software engineers consider Node the most exciting single piece of software within the current JavaScript universe. 

Key benefits of using Node.js 

  1. Node.js is superb for calling other services. For the bulk of apps it’s critical to form communication with the database and platform API seamless.
  2. Node.js increases performance and handles tons of requests. For the client side it’s very useful, practical and fast because it demands users to form fewer clicks and have everything loaded directly .
  3. Node.js overcomes large processing challenges.
  4. Node.js enables development teams to use JavaScript both for the server and therefore the browser.
  5. Smooth, fast UI and customization is feasible with Node.js. And Netflix here may be a true winner with one among the foremost successful UI ever.
  6. Node.js features a large and active community of engineers who constantly contribute and improve the technology.
  7. Extensive NPM offers tons of ready-made solutions engineers can use. 
  8. Node.js is straightforward.
  9. It’sgreat for startups as they will enjoy faster development and faster entering the market with their products. 


Node JS Advantages – How your App will benefit from Node JS 


To check what Node.js is capable of let’s have a glance at top famous apps written with Node.js. 

Netflix. The Netflix team wanted to decrease startup time and find an answer to handle the enormously increasing number of users. Node.js allowed them to travel from 40 minutes to 1 minute in startup times. In 2019 this number was already 167 million. 

Trello popularity was growing quickly, therefore the team needed fast, event-based and non-blocking technology and that’s why they began to use Node.js. Trello now handles over 50 million users. 

Node is great, and recuperating all of the time as its active developer community churns out new and useful libraries. 

The LinkedIn back-end is built entirely on Node.js. The LinkedIn team striving for better performance and scalability and using Node.js to succeed in this was totally justified. LinkedIn’s also using Kafka server which doubled its traffic capacity and now LinkedIn handles more 660 million users. 

Uber app has reached 6 continents and 68 countries. Uber uses Node.js to handle tons of requests quickly and without bugs, make error analysis convenient and deploy code quickly. this is often how Uber manages to create a huge system with enhanced processing capabilities. 

Node.js is especially well-suited to writing systems that have all their state in memory, as they are doing not need to externalize the concerns of a distributed system, thus leading to that the systems are often more available, and that they can respond more quickly to requests by eliminating the reading/writing and therefore the serialization of state into a database 


Is Node.js difficult to learn? 

Engineers who know JavaScript and Object Oriented Programming basics won’t encounter any difficulties in learning Node.js.  

Node.js allows developing both for client and server sides which makes life so easier as you are doing not need to switch between frontend and backend.  

You’ve got it all at once built with Node.js. It also means application in Node.js requires less coding, so less time for development. 

NPM – to not invent the wheel yourself 

Node.js Package Manager is employed by almost 11 million engineers.  

It’s the most important and therefore the fastest growing package manager within the world.  

There also are many frameworks built for Node.js such as: 

  • Expressjs 
  • MeteorJS 
  • Sails.js 


What is Node.js community? 

Businesses hiring Node.js engineers are often sure in finding great candidates because the talent pool is vast. Node.js community is large and may boast of active contributors.  

On GitHub Node.js gets 72.5k stars. The JavaScript community makes constant improvements to the V8 Engine and Google invests tons into its development. 


Scalability – Node.js golden benefit  

Consequently, there are less CPU tasks which take longer to be processed.  

If you propose to grow across cities of nations together with your startup, this technology is right for you.  

Want thousands of users to observe video streams via your website?  

Trying to find the expertise to make social media solutions with an increasing number of users who will load mass of media?  

Hire Node.js software developers. It’s really the foremost justified decision for apps which demand reliable scalability. 

Node.js is one among the successful, widely-used, and popular open-source projects on this earth. 


The primary place takes API development, then goes backend and servers, and third place is writing web applications.  

Node.js is employed less for frontend development, microservices and websites. 

Answers for what engineers use Node.js are diverse which suggests the technology itself features a wide sphere of application.  

When it involves choices of engineers’ for frontend technology if they need to select one, React may be a leader, then come Angular 2 and Vue.js. If to talk about databases MongoDB remains the foremost popular among Node.js developers. 


Start your project with the proper technology 

It’s the technology which brings tons of benefits for product owners who want to proportion with their apps and grow 1,000,000 audience of users.  

If you’re brooding about using Node.js and hiring Node.js engineers for your project, among the node js advantages which will convince you are: 

Verified fast performance and scalability 

Efficient and reusable code 

Opportunity to create front and backend 

Smooth data streaming 

Excellent server side development 

Extensive NPM repository with many libraries 

Handling increasing number of concurrent connections 

Talk with Gloify experts over your project idea. Learn and analyse what benefits Node.js can bring to your product. 

As an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime, Node.js is meant to create scalable network applications.  

Within the following “hello world” example, many connections are often handled concurrently.  

Upon each connection, the callback is fired, but if there’s no work to be done, Node.js will sleep. 

Thread-based networking is comparatively inefficient and really difficult to use.  

Almost no function in Node.js directly performs I/O, therefore the process never blocks.  

If a number of this language is unfamiliar, there’s a full article on Blocking vs. Non-Blocking. 

Node.js takes the event model a touch further. It presents an occasion loop as a runtime construct rather than as a library. In other systems,  

HTTP may be a first-class citizen in Node.js, designed with streaming and low latency in mind. This makes Node.js compatible for the inspiration of an internet library or framework. 

Node.js applications are easily scalable, vertically and horizontal.  

While vertical scaling allows you to add more resources to the present nodes, horizontal scaling enables you to feature new nodes quicker.  

Furthermore, Node.js applications don’t require an outsized block within the entire development process, for it works alongside a group of microservices and modules.  

It’s as simple, easy, and fits perfectly for startups that are looking to grow. 

High Performance: 

Node.js runs on Google V8 JS engine that complies with Javascript code directly into the machine language. This makes it resource efficient also as accelerates the framework’s speed. In fact, Google themselves invest heavily in their program to consistently improve their performance.   

Boosts Development Speed: 

Node.js allows you developers to accelerate the online app development process with its lightweight and varied tools. The npm registry offers numerous solutions, modules, and libraries to make web apps by acquiring more value and investing during a lesser effort. Node.js, alongside npm libraries, helps you reduce bugs and reduce the dimensions of your web application with its reusable templates. This optimization directly influences the time to plug. 

Freedom to Develop Apps: 

Developers working with Node.js get the liberty to develop cross-platform apps. With frameworks like Electron and NW.js, you’ll create cross-platform web apps with Node.js since it’s compatible with desktop, mobile, and web development for Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

Single Programming Language: 

Node.js offers a cocktail of comparable languages on front-end and back-end Javascript 

It’s actually more accessible and versatile than it sounds. It makes the whole web app development cycle robust and seamless for developers and enterprises 

Not only does Node.js make web app development convenient, but it also makes it the foremost preferred tech within the market today. 

Contribution to Fullstack & MEANstack: 

Node.js has proven its potential and may be a part of a strong tech stack with Javascript being the undisputed leader amongst leading programming languages. Node.js, as a stand-alone, brings many benefits to the tech stack; as an example , it offers the JSON module library. With quite 368,985,988 downloads i.e a mean of 1,010,921 per day, Node.js has become a big player in many tech ecosystems. 



When it involves the simplicity and richness of Node.js, npm is that the only word that involves your mind. Did you know? npm has 836,000 libraries, and 10,000 or more are published. It’s reducing an excellent deal of your time and price involved within the development and time-to-market. 

Did you recognize that Node.js is employed regularly by 98% of Fortune 500 companies, consistent with the Node.js Foundation? Reasons? Lightweight, fast, and scalable. Node.js is additionally impressive and efficient in handling multiple requests at the same time. It’s longer and price efficient than other tech giants to handle the traffic of your application. 

This technology is both an efficient solution for startups to hurry up and simplify development, and a classy ecosystem utilized by leading enterprises. 

Want to ascertain Node.js in action? Get in-tuned with our Node.js  Gloify experts and style a high performing, scalable web application.