Technology Partner for your Startup

About Gloify

GLOIFY, a software development company in Bangalore is a full-service design and development company with the high-performance team having experience from their respective fields. Looking for a Technology Partner, We help new startups in making scalable and stable products. We help them in building market strategy, pricing, fast and scalable tech stack and developing time. We make sure the products that we deliver are easy to use and mobile responsive to our client’s customer base. After developing our highly experienced QA engineers automate the product from start to end to give a complete bug-free experience.

Founders :

Naveen Kumar – 14 years of experience in stable product creation and passionate about crafting clear, engaging software. B Tech from IIT Bombay.

Sujeet Singh – A highly passionate professional having more than 16 years of sales experience. He holds a Masters Degree (MBA in Sales & Marketing). Worked with a start up as head of sales.

Arunoday Tiwari – Designs and implements complex software systems. B. Tech from IIT Bombay. He brings his knowledge of Ruby on Rails, API development and data modelling to the table

Girish Nair – Holding an MBA in Marketing with over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. He is highly ardent about Digital marketing technologies and upcoming new age marketing solutions.

How do we help your startup to grow :

We implement and execute ideas into a fully-fledged and stable product. We offer them end to end software development services to make their product more robust, cost effective and ahead of competition. We follow 7 steps for product development :

1] – Product idea BrainStorming

2] – Evaluate the idea

3] – Market Evaluation

4] – Detail Analysis

5] – Prototype and Developing

6] – Market Testing

7] – Prepare for launch

We have expertise in building…

1] – Web application development

2] – Mobile application development

3] – MVP development

4] – UI – UX Design

5] – Front end development

6] – Back end development

7] – DevOps as a service

8] – Data Analytics as a service

9] – Data Science

10] – Artificial Intelligence

Why to choose us ?

Gloify is all you need when it comes to having right technology partners. Now, with all the different providers out there, why would anyone choose Gloify over their competitors ?? There should be some reason for that right !!! We can give answer to that question with 6 simple reasons :

1] – Reliability and Responsiveness

2] – Focus on Business needs

3] – Your own IT team

4] – Highly professional CS people

5] – Likeable staff

6] – Long-term Business Partner

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