Monsoon is yet to come, and some parts of India are on high alert for heavy rain.
People from the cities like Delhi and Mumbai are experiencing scorching heat, while people from places like Bangalore and Assam get notified with orange and red alerts, respectively.
As per the weather forecast report, the Monsoon 2023, will arrive in the country within the first week of June.

The arrival of the monsoon brings a lot of joy to the people of the country. People used to plan trips to some particular places to feel the monsoon.
The Monsoon 2023 might be an excitement for the people. Since Covid19, most places to visit are closed due to restrictions. But due to the decreasing number of cases, the government is lifting restrictions slowly.

It’s not only travelling places. Now companies are even calling back their employees to the office. Probably a long time after, you will be meeting your colleagues and friends.
You would have a lot of excitement to see your office cabin. Maybe you plan for a trip this Monsoon 2023.

So, it’s clear that, as we are approaching monsoon, your excitement, outings and office timings will witness rain at any point in time.
You may get excited to feel the showers of rain. We assure you that you will enjoy the rain and breathe a sigh of relief, but you should ensure that your gadgets are not doing the same.
You may take medicines or rest if sick, but your gadgets may sleep forever. It becomes necessary to take care of your device and yourself.

However, everything from smartphones to smartwatches is available in waterproof options nowadays. The rains might not be a reason for worry if your devices are water-resistant. But if you don’t have waterproof devices, It is a serious concern. You may have expensive gadgets like laptops, tablets or mobiles that will not hold up against the rain.
So it’s better to follow these simple tips that could save your device and you from spending a lot of money.

We have listed some hacks that will protect your gadgets from Monsoon 2023. Check it out.

Waterproof Smartphone Cover:

Smartphones are the only devices that are mostly get affected by rain. The mobile phone has become a part of life. It may of no reason we usually take out our mobile and check for notifications.
While on bikes or walking, we used to pop out our mobiles. In usual weather, it’s okay, but it becomes a concern during the monsoon.
While you don’t need to worry if your mobile is waterproof, if it isn’t, you need to invent it.
Don’t worry; we are not saying to purchase a waterproof or splashproof mobile but to buy a water-resistant cover.
The cover is like a plastic pouch that won’t let a single drop leak in. This waterproof cover won’t cost you more than 500 rupees. There are several such covers available on Amazon. We recommend you purchase such and enjoy this Monsoon 2023.

Tablet Cover:

Many people love to carry tablets to the place where they visit. It’s okay to enjoy your trip by watching movies or news on tablets but ensure to invest in a waterproof cover for your tablet.

Even if you carry your tablet in your bag, it’s necessary for the monsoon. Even a few drops of water may cause damage to your device.
However, it’s good to not operate the device outdoors in such a climate, but if it’s most needed, use it with a cover.

Waterproof laptop cover:

It may be a student or working professional and the use of a laptop in general. In monsoon, as far as laptops are concerned, these devices are at top risk of getting damaged.

Although you may be carrying your laptops in the bag, It’s still not safe from the rain. You may have water-resistant bags, but that may not work sometime in heavy rain.

So, it’s better to have a waterproof cover to protect your laptop. You may carry it in your bag but cover your device with it so that you may not need to spare money on its damage.

Keyboard Protector:

We all know how costly laptops are nowadays. Damage may give you a repair bill of more than your laptop cost. So it’s better to take care of and avoid such expenses.

In monsoons, there is a lot of moisture in the weather, which attracts dust and settles on devices. It becomes an issue when it comes and sticks on the keyboard. Later on, that affects the motherboard and damages the device.

To prevent this from happening, use a keyboard protector. Not only during the monsoon, but this will protect even your device in other climates. The keyboard protector is available in online stores like Amazon and Croma and costs below 500 rupees.

Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones:

If you get frequent calls or love to listen to music while driving, investing in waterproof earphones is worth you. By the way, we would recommend you not to use such a device while riding.
If somehow, you got an urgent call from your company or client, and want to receive that. In such cases, using BlueTooth earphones matters a lot. Especially in the rain, it’s not easy to pop out your mobile from your pocket or bag.
Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones even save your mobile from getting damaged. As you can answer your calls without touching your phone, it’s good to have such gadgets, especially during monsoon.

Unplugging Devices:

It’s a common thing that power won’t remain the same during monsoon. Sometimes, due to heavy rain, there seems to be a disturbance in electricity. In monsoon, ensure that your device is not plugged into the socket when they are not in use. It may prevent your device from being damaged by unstable voltage.

Top of that, if you find any wall or ceiling leak near your plug point, then don’t charge your devices. Similarly, if your hands are wet, then ensure to wash them before plugging.

During monsoon, power-cut will be there, so don’t be in a hurry to charge your devices. Be careful before charging any of your gadgets.

Your gadgets may get repaired or can be purchased, but remember your life is precious. Don’t spare it while saving your gadgets.
A report says During the monsoon around 1000 people die every year due to electric shock in India.


So above, we have discussed some hacks that will protect your device from Monsoon 2023. As we know gadgets cost more nowadays, it’s better to invest in something which can save them.

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