It seems like cryptocurrencies have regained some of their popularity in recent years! Bitcoin’s price increased by 456.7% in the 11-month period from 2020 to 2021. However, that alone cannot explain its rise. Among the companies we discuss are Alphabet, Inc., NVIDIA Corporation, CME Group Inc., and Baidu, Inc.

  • It is expected bitcoins will be accepted as payment for Tesla’s $1.5 billion purchase of bitcoins.
  • MasterCard and Visa have announced the ability to transact using bitcoins, which could lead to trillion-dollar deals between consumers and merchants.
  • After identifying massive institutional demand for bitcoin among its client base, Goldman Sachs has reactivated its crypto trading desk.

There are plenty of blockchain companies, but one stands out among them, led by some of the brightest, most innovative, and most disruptive minds in the field. This company has been referred to as “uber of crypto” or “Airbnb of cryptocurrency storage.”

Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies offers a comprehensive array of interconnected applications and intellectual property that makes them uniquely suited for a potential bull market in cryptocurrencies. Cloud Nine’s acquisition of Limitless Blockchain Technologies enables the company to offer customers an enhanced customer loyalty and experience. A bull market in cryptocurrencies is taking place just as these events occur.

Bringing blockchain to life

An excellent management and advisory team in the blockchain industry came up with this forward-thinking, customer-oriented approach.

  • Having previously worked for several companies under Elon Musk’s leadership, Chief Technology Officer Michael Shader is familiar with scaling technologies designed to benefit clients.
  • In the technology, telecommunications (Rogers Wireless), financial services, and blockchain industries,

Interconnected Asset Platform

By combining three assets on one platform, Cloud Nine is positioning itself as the “Uber of Crypto” by offering a unique experience to an army of millions of digital miners.


Initially, the company has a revenue-generating application that also provides a foundation it can leverage across its entire platform immediately. -LimitlessCryptoTM VPN Miner – can be downloaded as a desktop mining tool that acts as a virtual private network and makes getting started with cryptocurrency easy for consumers. Blockchain technology is powering Limitless’ VPN Crypto Minder, and a wait list of over 100,000 users is awaiting the VPN’s launch in March 2021. It is projected that the company by the end of 2021 will have one million users, who will generate an average of $11 USD in cryptocurrency revenue per user per month with an attractive $7.30 profit per user.

Second, the company offers in-home mining rigs that allow customers to engage in advanced crypto-mining without requiring any expertise. Users of MicroBlockTM Miner can immediately mine five different cryptocurrencies while participating in proof-of-work mining protocols including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Users around the world can earn income without any specialized knowledge or technical expertise due to this company’s crypto-in-a-box innovation.

The X2CryptoTM Wallet is, however, the true genius of this interconnected collection of assets. By combining storage, crypto exchange, and banking capabilities, the X2CryptoTM Wallet provides a decentralized financial ecosystem with a VISATM Credit card. Cloud Nine (CNI; CLGUF), due to its interconnected nature, is an excellent investment opportunity.

Cryptocurrency Market Exposure

During the last few months, cryptocurrency markets have experienced a wave of interest from investors, creating some compelling opportunities. In comparison, none of those companies appears to have the potential to rival Cloud Nine’s unique fusion of assets, experience, and interconnections as the “Uber of the Crypto Space.”

Cloud Nine (CNI; CLGUF) is using its huge user base and impressive resources to build an industry-leading scalable platform.


Blockchain Is Catching The Attention Of Big Tech  


Blockchain initiatives by Google (GOOG) are not to be missed. By leveraging both its cloud expertise and the Ethereum blockchain, the tech giant is building the infrastructure to enable people to create entirely new kinds of applications. Google can enhance the efficiency of the Ethereum smart contract platform using its Big Data capabilities in reference to data on-chain that isn’t under its scope.

With revenues in the trillions of dollars, Google has cemented its place among the most elite corporations on earth. Although this stock is already part of the 4-comma club, it doesn’t mean it has no potential.

As a company built by and for gamers, Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) has figured out how to harness the power of its GPUs to do their own mining. Due to this, Nvidia has decided to create its own mining GPU in response to a shortage of gaming GPUs.

This exposure of the company’s already successful gaming products will provide an opportunity for the company to reach its target market, while at the same time creating a whole new potential market. The company looks forward to that. The biggest beneficiaries are likely to be shareholders.

Global finance company CME Group is headquartered in Chicago. The market trades everything from currencies, energy, and agricultural products to a wide range of other products, making it the world’s largest derivatives market. The Economist claims that it is the biggest financial exchange you have never heard of.

Crypto-booms are not passing it by, either. CME Group has shown its capabilities by offering bitcoin futures as one of the first major exchanges to offer them. Even Ether futures, a new offering from BitMEX, makes trading in the crypto world even easier.


Another global tech leader is Baidu (BIDU). Baidu is similar to Google in many ways, as the “Chinese Google.” The company began as a search engine, but now is responsible for almost everything in the technology sector. In addition to having a large portfolio of innovative new technology, Baidu is also significantly cheaper than Google. No one should ignore Baidu’s ever-expanding reach in fields such as artificial intelligence, television, and finance.


Its results were stellar even though the United States pushed back and even its own government voiced some concerns about Big Tech oversight. A commitment to The Chinese tech giant has resulted in a 214% return, from the share price of $88 to today’s $277.


It is apparent that DocuSign (DOCU) has created a remarkable disruption in the business world. In the beginning, there was only one idea; electronic signatures. DocuSign made the concept possible and revolutionized how people sign documents.


Despite global lockdowns, DocuSign is seeing a surge of popularity amid businesses doing business outside of their offices. The company has also innovated to make it stand out from the competition. Documents and signatures now have the benefit of verification and security through the use of blockchain technology.