UI/UX Design

Does a Good UI/UX Design Attract Customers?

Ummm. Wait!.. Before I give a yes or no to this question, let’s first know what is UI and UX.

What is UI?

The “UI” Design stands for User “interface”. The user interface is the graphical layout of a website or application. It includes the buttons that users click, the text that they read, the images, sliders, text entry fields, and everything else with which the user interacts. This includes the layout of the screen, transitions, interface animations, and each and every micro-interaction.

What is UX?

The “UX” design stands for “User Experience”. The UI of the app is determined by how a user interacts with it. Is the experience smooth or clumsy? Is it easier to navigate the app or complex? Do they efficiently complete their tasks or struggle to complete them? The ease or difficulty with which the user interface elements created by the UI designers can be interacted with determines the user experience.

Now come to our question; Does a Good UI/UX Design Attract Customers?

Yes, it does. A good interface not only attracts customers but also puts you ahead of your competitors. 

In this blog, we will discuss how and why  UI/UX Design  is vital for your business.

Let’s start with:

Customer Acquisition:

“A first impression is your last impression”

This principle applies here as well.

When a customer visits a website or a mobile application for the first time. His first few clicks will decide whether he will browse further or will exit your page. 

Let’s take a scenario. 

A potential customer visits your website for the first time and upon his few clicks on your site, he gets an error message. What do you expect from him now, will he stick on your website and browse other pages or will leave. 

In my opinion, he will move to your competitor.

In today’s time, competition is at its peak and your competitors are even giving similar efforts to get potential customers.

 So if you lose a customer then no chances of getting him back.

Here is how a UI/UX matters the most in customer acquisition.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft Corporation, it is stated that users can’t give complete attention to one thing for more than eight seconds. Users are likely to stay a little longer if the UI/UX are designed such that they are easily able to navigate the website or app with top-notch displays popping up with every click.

A user who visits your site or app is in search of a service and they need to be convinced within their attention span duration, that you are providing the same products and services which they are looking for. A user who is impressed and satisfied with the ease of navigation on your site or mobile app, will not only avail of your product and service but would definitely recommend it to his friends. It is important to consider UI/UX as a way for creating strong brand awareness. So, businesslike UI/UX designs for websites and apps are important to acquire customers and value their time.

Customer Retention:

Retention of a customer is what every company desires, but many of them forget that the base of customer retention is an effectively designed UI/UX. 

Customer retention is the way of engaging users of a website or mobile app so that they will return again and again to buy your products or avail of your services. A professionally designed UI/UX will create brand awareness and trust among users, such that in case your business can’t meet their demand, they will consider it as a temporary downtime.

Besides being able to increase customer retention, the User Interface also provides an array of outstanding features. First comes the looks, especially when you are dealing with mobile app users. Usually, users prefer an interface that is instinctive and easy to use. If your website or application is complex for customers to use, then think you are losing almost a large percentage of your targeted audiences. The Play Store may receive negative reviews from users who have a poor experience with your app, which will hamper your business’s growth. So it’s important for UI/UX designers to keep visual hierarchies in mind while designing graphics, and use standardized conventions to style them. Structure user’s flow by anticipating the likely paths that users may follow on the website, from the entry point to the final interaction. Then you would be able to come up with a design that optimizes the user’s experience.

In addition, businesses have the opportunity to interact with users through the universal interface.

So, you could create customer support systems like live chat, feedback loops and FAQs, such that users can receive help promptly on any questions or complaints they might have about any of your products or services.


“A good interface attracts more users”

When it comes to an eCommerce website or App, what first comes to your mind ?.

Most probably it would be Amazon or Flipkart. People usually prefer them not only because they give quality products and services but even give excellent UI/UX to users on their apps and site. Just imagine if these companies would have given excellent service with a poor user interface and user experience, would people purchase from them. 

There are a number of companies selling single or multiple products and offering services, but when users find difficulty while browsing those sites, they simply leave and check another.

A good UI/UX Design can offer a great impression to users and make your brand stand out.

Marketing and psychological techniques are combined in branding to promote a product or service to the target market. Although a brand could be verbal or visual, the most commonly used form is visual. Most likely, this is because customers relate better to visuals than to multiple lines of text. The concept of visual branding encompasses colours, logos, graphics, and typography. The use of top-notch UI/UX Designs is the fastest way to make a product or service well known.

Using a combination of graphics and images will catch users’ attention and prompt them to read your sales copy. Entrepreneurs with small businesses can also leverage this in order to thrive in a market that is highly competitive.


In the context of digital marketing, usability refers to how easily users can interact with a brand through a website or application. Similarly, it’s important in UI/UX Design that users of the site or app must be able to navigate easily without any complexities. When a user visits a website for the first time, he would expect to quickly see certain widgets like “sign-up”, “sign-in”, and “search”. By locating these buttons easily, you may increase the number of website visitors and the likelihood of a purchase/subscription to your product/service.

The use of simple words in your user interface is another simple way to bring users over to your business.

Never expect a user to check the meanings of words and understand what you want to interpret while browsing your website. Communication should be simple.

User experience refers to a great deal more than just the usability of your app or website. By doing this, you send a clear message about the viability of your product.

Sharing Testimonials:

Business growth is enhanced by UI/UX Designs. A company’s portfolio and testimonials are being shared through this interface. Having portfolios that make a strong impression on potential shoppers is a great way to make an impact using UX design. Portfolios showcase your most impressive work. Rather than showing users your portfolio of previous projects, focus on your problem-solving skills.

It would be beneficial to communicate how you have successfully addressed problems for others and your readiness to do the same for them in order to win them over.

Well-written testimonials from consumers of your product or clients for whom you have worked might also help you attract additional customers.


In today’s business world, companies largely depend on digital options like websites and mobile apps to sell their products and services to their targeted audiences.

In fact, if businesses want to stay ahead of their competitors, they have to build an efficient digital system. A delightfully and professionally UI/UX Design has numerous advantages for any successful business.

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