Travel industry

The advancement of technology has made our life more convenient. It may be ordering food, appointing a doctor or booking a cab. With just a few taps on our smartphone, we make it done.

By the implementation of AI-based websites and MobileApp, technology has not only become a one-stop solution for the user even became a revenue generator for service-based industries. It will not be wrong to say that technology has drastically changed the service industry.


In this blog, we will be talking about one of the most trending and revenue-generating service sectors, the travel industry.

Travel Industry has changed a lot due to the development of technology.

Now our entire trip is getting planned from our smartphones. Starting from booking a ticket to finding a route map to the destination is now done through mobile apps.

Probably you must have witnessed that phase when we are relied on a travel agency to book a travel ticket or a hotel. We use to take help of travel guide to gather more information regarding any place we visit. When we missed a route somewhere, we used to ask locals for the destination point.

Just imagine where we are now and how easy it is now to travel anywhere across the globe. Thanks to technology for such advancement in the travel and tourism industry. The development of mobile apps has made our life easier. No longer do tourists spend extra expenses on travel agencies or any travel guide. Now all they need is their smartphone.

There are apps to help with ticket booking, hotel booking, touring different cities and finding the best places to dine. Not only this, these apps provide users with comparison features, where they can compare the prices and search for the best deals. By development of these mobile apps have become a one-stop solution for users. According to the survey, travel and tourism is the world’s 7th most downloaded app category. An estimation made that around 85% of travellers use mobile apps to plan their holiday trips.


Let us check out the reasons behind mobile apps getting successful among users.


Easy booking system:

The reason behind travellers moving toward mobile apps is the uncomplicated booking facility. Different Apps are available, where they can easily book their ticket, restaurant for dining, cab for sightseeing and accommodation. Moreover, to make the user more engaging, these apps provide features like weather forecasts, cost comparison, best offers and discounts. Thus, with the assistance of an efficient application, they can make their trip successful. According to a report, around 30% of people use a mobile app to find the best flight and hotel deals.


Cashless Travel:

There was a time when we used to carry cash along with us when we planned for any trip or sightseeing. At present, Mobile applications disentangle all the processes by diminishing all those. No more Travellers need to carry a lot of cash and get scared of theft. They can make a safe and easy payment via the digital payment option on the mobile app.


Travel Guide:

Before, we used to gather more information regarding a place before planning. We used to carry guide books, route maps and a person as a guide to know about the spot. Sometimes people used to take a travel package to get rid of all those kinds of stuff. Now all those packages are available on our mobile for free. Several applications provide more information like places of interest, transportation facilities, travel restrictions, the best time to visit places and the best place to wine and dine.



Easy navigation is one of the reasons why tourists prefer the mobile app. Suppose a traveller knows the best place for dining or the suitable place for shopping. It is of no use if he is unable to locate it. Mobile apps help the audience to reach out to the place they want. According to a report, around 48% of people use GPS from mobile to find out the location.


Socialise and share.

People used to share the reels and images of their visited beautiful destinations on Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. By seeing shared reels, people get influenced to visit that place. According to a report, around 72% of people post photos about their travel on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Let us see how mobile apps have impacted the travel industry.


Let us discuss how it has impacted these industries.

  • The traveller now has all the information he needs. They do not have to chase any travel agency. As they know the cost of the trip, they will plan accordingly.
  •  Now travellers have all control over these applications. They know the best time to travel to a place. They know what they want from the trip and where they want to go. They choose the hotel and room of their choice.
  • Apps provide global exposure to millions of local businesses. It gives details of that business, like its popular product, dish and the best time to visit.
  • Mobile Applications have become a new channel for sales. If a hotel or airline wants to give an exclusive offer, they advertise it on the app.
  • It has become an immediate mode of communication between the user and the company. For any queries, users can directly chat with the company’s customer care 24*7. These applications even help businesses engage with their potential customers by sending them updates on offers.
  • Apps have now become sources of reviews for travel companies. Most of the travel apps motivate users to post reviews. Reviews help other visitors before taking action.


Technological advancement has impacted the travel industry to a great extent. Mobile apps are also improving the travel experience for their users, benefiting the travel industry on a larger scale. Here at Gloify, we have the expertise to develop all kinds of travel apps for small and big service providers. Our experts can guide you in the right way for developing any travel and tourism-related app you may require. We are happy to help you