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The advent of smartphones and mobile apps in the market has brought a revolution in the Whole Industry. In recent years, the concept of business has drastically changed. Companies are now investing more in their online presence than offline. From promoting a product to its customers’ delivery, all activities are now possible through MobileApp. This phase can be termed the mobile development era. This phase has changed the way of business for every industry. You may be the owner of a successful retail company running across your country or own a start-up filled with innovation. If you don’t have an app to promote your product, your business is approaching a threat in this competitive market.

At present, every industry like the travel industry, food industry and service industry has a mobile app for promotion and engaging their audiences. In this blog, we will be talking about one of such industries, which is evergreen and booming. That is no other than the fashion industry.

There was a time when apparel, footwear, luggage, accessories, watches & jewellery were only available in respective outlets or stores. With the advancement of technology and the development of MobileApp, the vogue of the fashion industry has also changed. The branded products, which were only available at its company’s outlet, are now on apps and are delivered to you with a single tap from your phone. 

The advent of online shopping and eCommerce apps has had a stupendous impact on the fashion world. The style and fashion fanatic wants to remain totally up to date with the latest and hottest vogue sweeping the market.

Meanwhile, it has offered an exemplary opportunity to a large number of apparel manufacturers and designers to reach out to a large number of targeted audiences. Imagine how easy it has been now. Mobile apps have not only transformed business strategies but have also influenced human behaviour. Instead of spending time selecting a product and wasting time in the queue for billing, people now prefer to do it online. What is more, beguile for the customers is; they are getting a range of products under one roof.

A mobile app can be termed as one of the business catalysts, which gives ample opportunity for both the customers and the business owners.

In this blog, we will be discussing how it has impacted customers and the fashion industry.

Before moving to the topic, let’s know the types of fashion Mobile Apps.

Types of Fashion Mobile Apps:

1-Discovery App:

It is one of the fashion applications that aims to connect designers with customers. These types of apps have helped local designers, who are excellent with their skills to display their products to the customers. It can be said as a platform for those designers to become a brand. Discovery Apps allows users to browse items from several merchants.

2-Personal Shopping App:

In these types of apps, customers can customise the product and the product is delivered according to their preference. For example, a user requests a bridal suite of specified measurements, and the designer will design it according to the user’s specifications.

3-eCommerce App:

It can be said as a universal shopping cart app, which connects multiple fashion-based vendors to users, in a single platform. There are several products, including apparel, cosmetics, footwear, and jewellery, which a user can explore. The user can do multiple shops, add them to the cart, and pay all at once.

Let’s start with our topic ” how it has impacted customers”.

Apps Impact on Users:

Exploring product of their Interests:

A top benefit of mobile apps for customers is the ability to discover products of interest. eCommerce apps offer users a variety of options for selecting products. Customers can now select products of their interest based on the colour, style, size, price, and brand of their choices. 

Let’s understand this in brief. 

When a customer looking for purple party wear visits a mall or store, a variety of options are displayed to them, which may or may not include their colour of choice. To be frank, it is unfair. Why should they compromise with their interests? Rather, than choosing from different colours, they should get an option to choose different designs of party wear of the colour purple. The eCommerce apps came up with an idea where customers can filter products based on colour, size, and brand and discover a large number of products.

Price Range:

Providing the option for customers to select their price range is one of the reasons for demand. E-commerce apps allow customers to pick a price range that matches their needs. The ability to shop within a budget gives Apps more popularity. People who worry about their budget when shopping for products can now shop within their budget.


It can be said as one of the best things if we talk about the impact of apps on customers. Customers can select and order products from any location and at any time using their smartphones.

Let’s take a situation, a customer went to a store and looked for ethnic wear for a function. If a salesperson shows customer casuals, will that be useful to him?

Leave that, if even they showed him, but they don’t have enough collections. In such cases, what will the customer do? They will probably move on to another store, which will consume their whole day and even more time. In apps, customers get a wide range of collections to choose from, which saves time.

Easy Accessible:

A wide range of products can be purchased on eCommerce apps, including handwoven products, jewel crafts, and traditional products from around the globe. No one can move that part to avail of that product. Now products from any part of the country are easily accessible to customers across the globe. Not only accessible but also delivered to their doorstep.

Easy Billing: 

Billing products after selecting them is the most hectic task that customers do in a mall. They have to stand in a long queue for billing their items. Apps have minimised these issues. Apps have made their billing process easy for customers. There are several options to pay using UPI, Online banking and Cash on delivery on these apps. Further, e-commerce companies make sure that customer payments are secure by using highly secure technologies.

Promotion and Discount:

To keep up with their competitors, fashion companies usually give discounts. Customers used to be able to know about the discounts via display ads, paper advertisements, or voice-to-voice. Now customers can check and avail of discounts easily through apps.

Above are the reasons behind consumers choosing Apps over storefronts and outlets.

Now let’s know how it has impacted the fashion Industry.

Apps’ Impact on Fashion Industry:

Customer Loyalty:

Apps can be said to be one of the tools that companies can use to maintain a loyal customer base. Those eCommerce companies serving customers with the best products and services are most likely to retain their customers even after customers uninstall their apps. Having a mobile app helps bring repeat customers, which makes it a worthwhile investment. 

Brand Image:

Apps have allowed a large number of fashion manufacturers and designers to showcase their products to a large number of targeted audiences. There was a time when these manufacturers and designers were within local boundaries. The advancement of technology in the fashion industry has allowed them to cross their limitations and become a brand. Thousands of businesses are now popular among the people as a result of the quality of their products and services.

App as promotion:

Several brands have now started using the app to promote their products. The app is the best medium for promoting products. Companies are giving sales and seasonal offers to their users through these apps. Even if you run a profit-making fashion business across the country, if you fail to have an app to promote your products then you are putting your business at risk.

Easier Data Analysis:

The app enables customers to create a profile and go shopping after creation. This helps companies to know better about their user preference. Companies could be able to understand the popularity of any product based on users’ demography, gender, and age. Thus MobileApp helps in targeting audiences based on their interest. As a result, the mobile app emerges as the most effective instrument for achieving comprehensive big data analytics that may aid in cost optimization, inventory management, and commercial decision-making.

Increase Sales:

If more people are exposed to a company’s products, sales will be higher both for branded and non-branded industries. Apps help fashion-based companies to reach out to more audiences. Thus, it drives sales to the company. By showing their products and fashion items to the right people, brands make a profit.

Reach out to more customers:

The advancement of technology has resulted in people from every corner of the world having access to smartphones. There was a time when people from remote places had to travel a long distance for shopping. Now they have got an option for that. This advancement has helped both users and the fashion industries a lot. It can be said that this is a boon for eCommerce companies. Now, these companies reach out to every audience with their quality products. 

Customer Engagement:

In this competitive market, every company is seeking potential customers. To engage their customers with their products, companies offer discounts to their customers to attract them. Before the arrival of mobile apps, fashion industries had to rely on paper ads and display ads to engage audiences with their discounts and offers. Now apps have become a hub for those companies to display their products. By using these apps, they can send notifications via email and SMS to engage with their audiences.


The App has now become a trump card in the fashion Industry. The trend of fashion and shopping is booming day by day. These apps give tremendous benefits to users and businesses. Looking at the customers’ demand, now every fashion-based company wants to build its mobile app.

Know how apps are impacting Travel Industries.

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