App Store Optimization (ASO)

What ASO? 

ASO(App Store Optimization).

Do you know? where we spent most of our time using on the smartphone, obviously using different apps. Whether it is scrolling through different social media apps or searching out yummy foods on food delivery apps and playing our favorite games. There are over 2 million mobile apps in the Apple App store and Google play store.

App store optimization (ASO) is a process for improving your app ranking on the app store and increase its visibility which tends to translate more traffic to your app’s page, likely SEO to improve website ranking on the search engines. There number of applications available for a similar purpose and it appears to be extremely difficult for the new publisher to rank their apps when there are a number of apps available on the app store that have already gained their share of users. 

App store optimization is for mobile apps requires an understanding of play store algorithms and various components which influence the ranking of your application, it includes knowing who is your ideal customers, and keyword they may look to discover the app on the play store so you can add those keywords in your app name. Furthermore, it can drive more installs and can improve your app ranking.

Whether you are a new publisher of an application or keen to refine your approach to ASO. Continue reading to get some practical insights to escalate your app store’s success.

How ASO work?

Once you have completed the development and now the app is ready to publish on the major app store. You have to decide where you want to publish your app (Google Play store) or (Apple app store) or on both of the platforms.

Play store VS App store (ASO)

Both platforms have over 2 million apps and work with the same purpose to provide a platform for users to download different sorts of apps. Both the store have different algorithms and standard for ranking the app, yet a couple of criteria which are relevant for all the platforms. Apps that get frequently crashed and don’t have regular updates with fewer and poor reviews won’t rank in any way and on the other side apps which have a good number of reviews with a large number of downloads will rank better.

Almost having the same ranking factors still, there are a couple of keys contrasts in the app store and play store. The developer can directly publish any updates on the Google play store, and where the Apple app store requires all the updates to go under review before publishing on the app store. Also, the app store allows fewer a limit for app description than the play store.

Basic key elements which affect the ranking of the app-


Adding the most search keywords in your app title and in the app description will increase the odds that users may find your app while searching with those keywords. 


Having a large user base and an immense number of downloads will add credibility to your app, and it helps the app store to understand the popularity of your app which will likely aid to improve the ranking.

Reviews & ratings

Good ratings and reviews by users will benefit the app to stand out from similar apps in terms of ranking and getting more user attention to your app page. 

Brand value

A company that already have an established brand from its product or services and launching an app with its image name will clearly help the application to get more achievement in a limited capacity to focus time. 

App quality

If you want a higher quantity to start with higher quality.  An app with quality features, user-friendly design will separate it from other similar apps. Whether it is a website or application quality of content and features will always matter in ranking factors.

The Importance of ASO

Building a great app is not enough to get you a lot of users, and millions of downloads. You need to boost your app discovery by implementing ASO in your app marketing strategy. There are millions of apps already on the app store, and every day new apps are adding to the list-making the app store more competitive for new app publishers.

It’s not easy to rank on top of the app store or play store. At the point when there are thousands of other apps that are built with the same purpose and targeting the same audience. ASO is a continuous process of improving your app ranking and discoverability of your app in the app store. However, if your app page is not optimized well you might miss out to show up for many relevant keyword searches. What’s more, you could be losing potential downloads also.

There are various advantages you’ll get with ASO(App Store Optimization)-

Getting more organic installs

Optimizing your app page and fulfilling all the benchmark of ASO will surely help your app to get boots than its competition. And rank higher on the app store, as a result, your app will be getting more organic installs.

Attain relevant users

Before developing or promoting your app, you have to choose who is ideal users? What keyword they might be using to search on the app store. A list of keywords can found by the keyword research, and adding those keywords in your app title and app description will help your app to rank for those keywords. And gain the relevant user for your app.

Generate more revenue

If you are looking to monetize your app for ads or in-app purchases then you need more downloads and more users. Where ASO can help you to increase revenue by increasing the download rate.

What are the key components of ASO(App Store Optimization) ?

ASO(App Store Optimization) is an ongoing process that requires constant improvement, changes, and a little experiment. It’s not something that can be done for once and will work forever.

Here are a few key components of ASO(App Store Optimization) –

App name

According to research adding keywords in your app title can boost your app ranking more than 10%.  And having the keyword in the app name will also help to gain organic downloads.

Compelling icon

Good design and an eye-catching icon can attract users’ attention and will follow to download the app. The app icon is the first impression for the user to make sure it should be light-weight and relevant to the app.

App description

Each word in the app description must contain value about the app, use bullet points for easy readability for users, and it must contain the app features, social proofs, and keywords.

Reviews & Ratings

If your app has less 4 average ratings more than 50% of users will not be willing to download your app. Having 4 or more ratings will create impact and build trust for other users.  

Attractive Screenshots

Every screenshot of your app must tell a story about the app. Adding a notable caption or interesting features, and a short description can draw the user’s attention and boost conversion.

App preview video

According to research, having an app preview video about your app and its features can increase the install rate of more than 20%.

App localization

You have to choose, where your optimal users are found or a particular area you need to target, you have to furnish your app with neighbourhood languages including app description and screenshots.

Whether you are creating an innovative app. Or your app has been lost among other competitive apps. ASO is something that cannot be ignored if you are looking to bring out the best of your app, and take it to the next success level.

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