Decorate Your Office Desk

I want to start this blog with a question. 

Which is your second home?

I guess, Most of the readers reading this blog would answer ” office”.

Even I would answer the same.

The majority of the people who work in an office spend their maximum time on the job. It would not be wrong to say the office is the second home as the majority of the days of the week and around eight hours a day we spend at the office.

As the decor in your room defines your interests, your office desk represents what kind of person you are. Your desk can characterise your hobbies and your qualities. Apart from that, it can increase your productivity at work.

You may or may not have the authority to predict and control your work pressure at your office, but you have the power to manage your workspace. Your workstation should ideally inspire and motivate you towards your work.

It’s true that sitting and working at a desk for eight hours a day is quite monotonous. Sometimes the mundane environment can not only become tedious but also drags you behind your targets. Additionally affects your productivity. Even sometimes, it brings a negative effect on your mood.

You can stop all this from happening if you put a little effort into creating a homely environment at your work desk. You have to decorate your office desk in such a way that will motivate you towards your work. Along with that, it will boost you with a positive vibe.

However, I would not recommend you spend thousands on decorations, but some ways will let you spend less. Check below I have listed ten ways to decorate your office desk.

 Here are the ten ways to decorate your office desk and bring productivity to your work.

#1- Put Some Desk Plants:


It would be the first thing I would like to recommend if you want to decorate your office desk. Putting a Plant is the best and easiest way to bring a positive vibe to your workspace. A study says that a plant on your desk will illuminate your desk and help in completing your task soon.

There are plenty of tiny plants available on the eCommerce platform Amazon that come with an attractive pot that will suitably fit your office desk. Jade, cactus, and lucky bamboo are some of the few plants you can keep at your desk. 

#2- Keep Some Books:

Keeping a few books at the work desk is the best way to decorate. Sometimes working for long hours and staring at a laptop screen becomes more hectic. Usually, people take a nap to get rid of that madness. Books can be the best replacement for that. Nothing would be better than reading a few pages of your favourite book. 

You need to be concerned about the arrangement of books. Instead of simply keeping the books, you can have a bookend. 

Bookends are quite beautiful and can be availed at an affordable price. Additionally, it brings attractiveness to your desk and will make you feel better working in front of something pretty

#3-Put a Laptop Mat on your desk:

MAT-Decorate Your Office Desk

Putting a mat on your desk is one of the simplest and easiest ways to decorate your office desk.

Nowadays, laptops and mice run fine even on a regular desk. Sometimes the dust around your system prevents your mouse from working properly. There would not be any better option than putting a laptop mat on your desk. 

There are several online platforms where you can purchase this mat. Additionally, this mat looks pretty and helps you to work seamlessly. You can try this along with other options for decorating your desk.

#4-Fantastic Photo Collage:

PHOTO-Decorate Your Office Desk

Keeping a photo collage at your desk is one of the easiest ways to decorate your office desk. It’s not only about the comeliness at your desk but even brings restfulness in mind.

It’s common to feel low or stressed during work. Having a picture of someone special who meant you a lot can make you feel better. Whether that picture could be of your parents, partner or kids, ensure the portrait you choose is tasteful.

If you think a frame will occupy more space, you can hang a wire with some photos on your board. It even looks good and adds cuteness to your workspace. 

#5-Keep Motivational Quotes.

MOTIVATION-Decorate Your Office Desk

It’s not easy to stay motivated in your work every time. Sometimes your job gets onerous, and you find it tough to stay focused on work. In such a case, the only thing which makes you move ahead is motivation. Reading motivational quotes makes you feel motivated. 

You can keep some famous motivational quotes at your desk, which can boost your productivity and fairness to your space.

Several people keep such quotes at their desks, pasted to their boards with rusted pins. I doubt they ever see that. However, its proper arrangement matters a lot.

You can pin quotes to your board with colourful or magnetic push pins that will grab your attention in between your work. Instead, you can keep note holders available that look good and give beauty to your desk.

#6-Flower Vase on Table:

FLOWER-Decorate Your Office Desk

Flowers are attractive. They look good, smell good and even will make you feel good. The list of ways to decorate your office desk will be incomplete without adding this. Flowers on your table not only bring charms but give you positive vibes.

There are plenty of flowers which can last for more than a week. You can keep such flowers at your desk. Or else you can go with artificial flowers if fresh ones get more expensive.

#7-Personalise Your Coffee Mug:

CUP-Decorate Your Office Desk

Are you a coffee or tea lover?

And you consume copious amounts of coffee or tea throughout office hours.

Then this idea suits you.

Instead of using a company cup, you can use yours that fits your personality. You can personalise your mug with quotes that fit your style and keep it on your desk. Apart from the aesthetic look, a personalised cup on your desk can give a better understanding of your personality.

#8-Put your favourite candy in a jar:

JAR-Decorate Your Office Desk

Is there anyone who is not fond of chocolates? Starting from the younger to the elder, everyone likes it. Implementing an idea to keep candy on your desk would be the best way to decorate your office desk.

You can keep candies in a small glass jar that you can have in between your work. If you are not fond of chocolates, then you can keep dry fruits.

It looks amazing with candies on the desk. If you are a choco lover, then you should try this way. 

#9-Keep a Personalised Calendar:

CALENDER-Decorate Your Office Desk

With the advancement of digital technology, physical calendars seem to be missing. Nowadays, people rely on their phones to know their data. Anyhow, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. We can use it as an attractive decor piece at our desks.

There are plenty of online platforms available, from which you can order a customised calendar. You can even use this idea. Instead of keeping the photos collage, you can have their photos on a calendar. It is very simple and adds cuteness to our desks.

#10- Keep a Stationery Stand:

STAND-Decorate Your Office Desk

Sometimes your stationers are not well arranged and remain a mess around the system. It usually distracts you from your work. The better way to get rid of this is by using a stationary stand.

You can organise your pen, pencil, and keys, among other stationeries, on a stand. Along with organising it, you can avoid them from missing. There are several stands available, where you can keep your mobiles and keys. Even that could look better.

Wrapping Up:

You can’t predict how your day will be. Nor you may have the power to control your workload. No matter whether it may get tough or easy you can control your workspace by following the above ways. It’s not only about decor but can even add value to your professional life. 

The way your desk reflects is the way you get attention from your colleagues. Implement some of those above ways at your office desk and bring productivity to your work and personality to yourself.