Top 10 Best Tools for Startups in 2020

Startups tools 2020

Running a startup in 2020 required a lot of work, commitment, detailed planning and a great amount of effort. Building your startup or launching an online business can be challenging and required several other procedures & unavoidable costs such as registering the domain, getting a server, business name registration and the list are long. In this tech-driven world, there are many tools to increase efficiency and save time on daily tasks. We have created a list of 10 best tools for startups in 2020.

There are a few tools that can be helpful for project management, marketing and different other things such sales automation, HR & Payroll, and communication with the help of technology to keep the budget within the limit. Picking the correct tools from the begin is an essential approach toward making your business succeed in 2020. With a huge number of applications accessible, it’s difficult to figure out which ones are the best for your business.

Here the 10 best tools you required for your startup in 2020.

  1. Asana

  2. Slack

  3. Hootsuite

  4. Mailchimp

  5. HubSpot



  8. Gusto

  9. Canva

  10. Calendly


1.Asana  ( Project Management) best tool for startups

Asana the best tools for startup

Asana is one of the best tools for startups for project management, that helps teams to coordinate and manage their work.  The efficiency of Asana made it prominent among all new businesses over the world. It empowers companies to move quicker by ensuring everybody knows the team plan and procedure and who is doing what by when. This tool allows the project team to assign tasks as per their role, add team new members & get task activity, view reports, and a lot more. Companies such as Uber, Google, PayPal, Facebook and some world’s greatest team using this tool to keep the work on track and increase productivity.


  • Timeline
  • Portfolios
  • Workload
  • Automation

Pricing: The premium plan starts from $10.99/mo to $24.99/mo for the business plan.

Free Version: Free version available for individuals or teams just getting started with project management.



2.Slack (Communication) the best tool for startups

Slack the best tools for startup

Slack is another best tool for startup mostly used and is among the fastest-growing business application in previous years. Millions of people and companies around the world use Slack to connect their teams at one platform, using Slack you can create multiple channels to discuss different projects and topics, or you can have a private conversation through one-one chat. Slack also allows you to integrate with other applications such as Gmail, drive, trello, share files and to find messages, notifications. A large number of startups and companies use Slack to simplify their communications including Airbnb.


  • Organised conversations
  • Searchable history
  • Collaboration
  • Face-to-face and face-to-screen
  • Integrated file sharing

Pricing: The standard plan starts from $3.20/mo to $6/mo for the plus plan.

Free Version: Free version available for small teams for an unlimited period of time.



3.Hootsuite (Social Media)

Hootsuite the best tools for startup

Social media is an influential platform to market your product and services, also a useful research tool for companies and startups to know what the users think about their products. When its come manage your social media, Hootsuite is the best tool for startups, a very popular social media marketing management tool among startups. It helps you manage all your social media networks from just one dashboard. You can schedule your future post in advance on a number of different social platforms, it’s a great tool to track your content across platforms, engage with followers, and manage your social media team.


  • Automated post scheduling
    Key performance metrics
    Flexible approval workflows
    5 social media certifications
    Team message assignments
    Custom analytics
    Exportable reports

Pricing: The professional plan for one user starts from $17.56/mo  to $627.04/mo for the business plan up to 5 users.

Free Version: 30 days free trial available


4.MailChimp (Marketing Automation)

Mailchimp the best tools for startup

Whether you have launched a new product or you want to run a successful email marketing campaign you need an efficient email marketing tool. MailChimp is a name that probably needs no introduction when it comes to email marketing and newsletter service. MailChimp comes with a free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers, being on the top in the email marketing field, MailChimp provides the best email servers that help you a great overview response, open rates and clicks for your email marketing campaigns.


  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Landing Pages
  • Digital Ads
  • Postcards
  • Automation
  • Reports & Analytics

Pricing: The essential plan for one user starts from $9.99/mo to $299/mo for the premium plan.

Free Version: Free version available with all the basics for businesses that are just getting started.


5. HubSpot (CRM)

Hubspot the best tools for startup

Building a relationship with customers and making your sales process efficient to increase conversion rate, HubSpot is among the best tools for startups that provides a free CRM tool. It has a lot of great features from report automation to tracking everything from the sales pipeline, with detailed reports on sales activity, productivity, and individual performance, you’ll never be in the dark about how your team is tracking toward quota, and you’ll have all the data you need to coach your team to success.


  • Contact management
  • Contact website activity
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Tasks & activities

Free Version: Hubspot provides free CRM tool with many features

Pricing: Hubspot provides Growth suite with CRM and marketing and sales tools, pricing starts from $113 for starters to $4200 for enterprises.


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6.Semrush (SEO & Digital Marketing Toolkit)

Semrush the best tools for startup

SEMrush is one most essential tool for almost every online business.This is among the best tools for startups that provides all-in-one SEO tool which can help you with organic research for your website like keyword research, backlink analysis. This is a marketing toolkit that helps business owners to analyze their website and performance and help them with competitor research easily and effectively.  Semrush provides other prominent services include technical SEO audit of your website.


  • Analytics Reports
  • Advertising Research
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Traffic Analytics

Pricing: Pro plan starts from $99.95/mo suitable for freelancers and startups to $399.95 for businesses

Free Version: 7-day free trial


7. (Sales Automation)

Email prospecting has been the driving force that helped businesses to grow over the past few years, allowing us to be able to reach clients that are looking for your services. Sending mails and follow-ups manually has been outdated, is a sales automation tool. It can help your sales team to reach out to clients and send them some cold emails. Simple emails to Drip Campaigns feature to set up a sequence of emails with automatic follow-ups.


  • Email Finder
  • Email Verification
  • Emailing
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Templates & Variables
  • Mailbox Automation
  • Analyze
  • Tracking
  • Campaign Stats
  • Reporting
  • Syncing
  • CRM Integrations

Pricing: Essential plan starts from $ 79/mo to $129/mo for businesses

Free Version: No free trial available


8.Canva (Design)


Canva is among the best tools for startups for their graphic design needs, it helps you to create amazing graphics for your blog posts, social media, and almost anything else that requires basic design.  Besides this the website holds a library of around a million fonts, photos, as well as icons. Users can select a design template or create from scratch using drag-and-drop features. Uploading, adding and creating images is quite an easy task with Canva.


  • Graphs
  • Photo editing
  • Print

Pricing: Pro plan starts with $9.95/mo with 4M+ photos & elements

Free Version: Canva gives you the freedom to design anything in its free version



9.Gusto (HR & Payroll)


Gusto is an HR services tool. It’s a platform created with the expectation of reconsidering finance and HR for present-day associations, by making repetitive and complex task simple. Employees can use the online portal to update their personal information and documents. Gusto provides an easy online interface and basic information easy to access.


  • Running payroll
  • Workers’ comp
  • Hiring
  • Employee benefits
  • Health insurance
  • Business finances
  • Taxes
  • People management

Pricing: Core plan starts from $6/mo per person plus $39/mo base price to $12/mo per person plus $149/mo base price for Concierge with Payroll and certified HR support to protect your business and team.

Free Version: No free trial available


10.Calendly (Schedule Meetings)

calendly Calendly is a basic, simple to-utilize, yet incredible scheduling software, which expects to save time, accelerate sales and improve service quality. It disposes of the old-school method for using email and phone tags for scheduling appointments, calls, interviews, demos, and more. It enables hot possibilities to interface immediately and ensures staff doesn’t lose them to phone and email tags.


  • Meeting Schedule
  • Streamlined and productive workflow
  • Calendar integrations
  • Website embed
  • Allow customers to schedule directly from your website
  • Integrations with your existing services
  • Integrate directly with GoToMeeting and Salesforce, plus connect other apps through Zapier
  • Collect payments using credit card or PayPal

Pricing: Its basic plan is free for a single user and pro plan starts from $6/mo for 6 users.

Free Version: Basic plan is free for a single user


To make any startup success you need a team who will help you with advertising, deals and picking up the client trust. The process of any effective business or new startup can be hard and challenging, and tools are the best resource in initial days after launching your startup to help you get started. We hope you got enough ideas for the best tools for startups.

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