Artificial Intelligence to transform 5 Industries

Artificial Intelligence to transform 5 Industries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be the best human invention to improve our productivity and way of life. AI can integrate into many types of environments and perform more varied tasks—from stocking shelves and assisting factory workers to perform services in the home.

Artificial intelligence is improving constantly, making it more reliable and increasingly appealing as a business solution for many industries. In industries like transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and beyond. Robots, automation, and AI  technologies are having a tremendous impact on the enterprise, regularly making open doors for organizations to achieve cost savings and helping businesses conquer human work deficiencies.


Artificial Intelligence to transform 5 Industries highly are

  1. Transportation
  2. Healthcare
  3. Advertisement & Marketing
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Agriculture



AI Market Statistics


1. Transportation

AI is helping the transportation industry to increase passenger safety, decrease traffic clog and accidents, reduces carbon emanations, and also minimize the overall financial expenses.  There is a lot of road incident that happens due to human inefficiency and uncertain conditions, AI can help to predict the probability of the occurrence of such unpredictable events. Transportation, both in general and in specific, is hugely impacted by the traffic flow. Traffic congestion costs billions every year in India. This data, whenever adjusted for traffic the board using AI, will permit a streamlined progression of traffic and will help diminish blockage. 


Self-driving cars, delay prediction, and traffic management are just some examples of the reality to come for the transportation industry with AI. At present, there is huge interest in the more extensive car industry, concentrating on Artificial Intelligence and explicitly on the enhancement of the optimization of the self-driving technology, auto-braking, road-sign understanding, lane deviation alerts and more. Few studies confirm the hopes for a significant reduction in accident involvement for cars featuring such systems.


2. Healthcare


AI has become a part of the healthcare industry and is delivering some progressive changes in the medicinal field. The healthcare industry itself is a multi-trillion-dollar worldwide industry and it’s developing every year as normal future ascents. New technologies are changing the way medical professionals work and it’s empowering them to get more accurate diagnoses and improve care. With the introduction of AI in the medical field, diagnosing diseases have become a lot easier. Gone are those days when doctors needed to arrange a few outputs to discover the precise conclusion information to treat the patient in the right way.

In order for an AI solution to be successful, it requires an immense measure of patient information to prepare and streamline the algorithms. In healthcare, getting access to these datasets poses a wide range of issues. By analyzing vast amounts of historical patient data, AI solutions can provide real-time support to clinicians to help identify at-risk patients. Any doctors can access a patient’s well-being history to give precise treatment. While the creation of a new medicine takes years of hard work followed by various experiments, with the help of AI things become a lot easier.


3.Advertisement & Marketing

The world is growing digital, and businesses are leveraging on all the platforms to advertise their services and products. With growing number of smart device users, digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing.  After AI came into marketing it leveraging technology to improve the customer journey, making it more personalized for the customers to relate to product or service. It can also be used to boost the return on investment of marketing campaigns by analyzing the user’s responses. This is accomplished by using big data analytics, machine learning, and other processes to gain insight into your target audience.

Digital Marketing

As the world is turning to artificial intelligence to fuel the following influx of innovative development and financial development. In the world of digital marketing, AI can streamline and optimize marketing campaigns. Marketing & Advertising require different ways to deal with success, so while you should stay with the things you’ve been doing effectively, you’ll additionally need to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in your current strategy. If you haven’t already, you might be falling behind your competitors. As many as 80% of marketers believe that AI will be the most effective tool by 2020. While one attempts to leverage the knowledge of AI to empower marketing, it also helps in fostering relevant and compelling interactions with customers.


4. Manufacturing

AI has managed to save businesses valuable time and resources. It was never easy for human resources to work 24×7 for continuous manufacturing, someway people are compelled to work in 3 shifts for ensuring continuous production. While AI-enabled machines are skilled to work for every minute of every day in the production line. As a result manufacturing companies can expand in terms of production capabilities and meet the high demand. AI-driven machines are laying a simpler way to the future by yielding a lot of advantages offering new chances, improving creation efficiencies 


Today the manufacturing companies are investing in AI to improve their operational efficiency, productivity, performance. In this AI-powered industrial revolution, machines are getting to be more intelligent and interconnected.  The importance of AI in an effective and timely identification and maintenance of the production line and the technology’s role in reducing downtime, both unplanned and planned downtimes can be easily tackled with the help of predictive maintenance, facilitated by AI. With customers expecting faultless products and organizations are under the consistent weight of extremely brief time-to-advertise cutoff times, offering a product with high quality that meets quality standards and regulations. 




More people are moving to live in urban areas and groups of long age farmers are leaving their trends and embracing a cutting edge way of life. AI is helping with the shortage of workers is AI agriculture robots. These robots enlarge the human work workforce and come in different structures. Robots can harvest crops at a higher volume and faster pace than human laborers, more accurately identify and eliminate weeds. Agricultural based firms are looking for new ways to attain and maintain a competitive market and boost their productivity, as well as to deliver products to the market.

Agricultural drones are helping to farm in many ways, using drones can help to increase crop production and monitor crop growth. Drones that uses AI helps farmers to scan their fields and monitor every stage of the production cycle.  With the help of AI, farmers can now analyze these huge datasets much faster and more efficiently than ever before. This data gives farmers a wealth of knowledge in real-time about a wide variety of things, including weather conditions, temperature, water usage or soil conditions collected from their farm to better inform their decisions.  

Human creation has consistently been developing and moving towards receiving a superior way of living. Regardless of whether you know or not yet you are associating with various AI applications. Playing tv series on Netflix or listening to your favorite podcast on Spotify, you are interacting with an AI-enabled application. On the other side, AI is transforming the industry and empowering the organization to provide better services and reaching their share of audiences easily and with a huge amount of data. It’s making them understand the buyer persona and their behavior to offer more personalized service. AI has brought many revolutionary changes and we can emphatically seek after a superior existence where AI and advanced machines will improve our life.

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