A Trip to Kerala: Team Rejuvenation.

Office Trip

A decent salary, flexible timings and appropriate set of responsibilities are not enough for the modern days’ startup team. These are not enough to motivate and dedicate them to their job.

We at Gloify believe in modern-day work culture and work ethics. Here we respect the value of our team members.

We believe a decent salary or five days working and two weekly-off is not enough to motivate employees. To bring a work-life balance and release stress from our team every once in a while, we plan for a team outing.

The pandemic was a hurdle since our employees were working from home. Looking at the decrease in Covid cases, we started working at the office almost after two years.  

Even after a long time, the government lifted the restrictions on travel. Looking at this, we thought to again continue with our work culture. As most of our team members are working remotely, we planned for a trip to Kerala with our 20 staff.   

Scene before the Trip:

Our senior team members had planned to surprise their teammates. As 15th April was Good Friday and followed by the weekend, we thought this would be the best time to plan a small trip for our teammates.  

On 14th April, after the successful delivery of a product to our client. We asked our employees what their plans were for these three days’ leave. Most of them have planned to lay in bed. 

We could see their faces full of joy and excitement when we revealed that we had a surprise trip for you to Kerala. The silent cabin turned into the noise of enthusiasm and excitement.

The Journey Begins:

The journey started on 15th April in the early morning. As per the plan, we had already booked two tempo travellers. We headed on our safe tour for Wayanad through the route of Mysore.

Like ever, the ambience of early morning in Bangalore is chill. To feel this aura, we stopped at a place on the outskirts of Bangalore to have a cup of tea.

It almost took five hours to reach Mysore as we had planned for breakfast in between. As Mysore is on our route, we decided to visit the palace.

A Visit to the Mysore Palace:

visit mysore palace

The palace is situated in the centre of the city. The memory of mobile may get occupied if we try to capture and feel the beauty of this palace. It surrounds by four arched gates that lead to acre-sized gardens. A visit to this place is truly a sight to behold due to its sheer size and grandeur.

The construction of the three-story main building is entirely in stone granite. A five-story tower with a gilded dome and pink marble domes dominate the entire structure. The complete palace holds a museum that displays the best artwork, weaponry, portraits and adornments of the royal family.

The beauty of the palace can’t be entirely viewed in a day. However, we stayed there for around three hours and headed towards Wayanad.

Move towards Wayanad:

On the route to Wayanad, We saw several places having outstanding scenic beauty. We took a short halt in between the road, especially to take a snap of the beauty of nature. After passing every five hundred metres, we could see a place that exceeds the beauty of the other.

We all wished to take a snap of every place, but not easy. Anyhow, we witnessed the beauty behind the window.

Almost before the sunset, we reached our destination. Previously, we had booked a resort named Vythiri Resort. It is a jungle retreat resort, snuggled between the tropical rainforest and beside the tinkling stream. The resort has spacious and neat rooms and a natural view from its balcony.

After taking a nap for around three hours, we joined together and planned to visit a lake. As we heard, the lake is a walkable distance from our resort. We thought of experiencing the night view of the lake. But we are not very fortunate to have a glimpse of the lake at night. 

After searching for an hour, we failed to find it and returned to our resort.

We were surprised after returning to the resort. 

There was an arrangement for a bonfire. The chilled breeze of air pushed us to sing and dance around the fire. All of our teammates enjoyed it and made our trip more memorable.

After spending two three hours, we returned to our rooms and had a beautiful dinner. After dinner, some of our enthusiastic teammates spent time in the swimming pool.

Morning Visit to Pookode Lake:

It was that lake, which we had failed to find last night. It is a natural freshwater lake nestled in between the evergreen forest. There are no better cameras than eyes to capture the beauty and feel of the lake. 

As the lake offers pedal-boating, some of our teammates jumped in to enjoy the boating, and the remaining visited the aquarium house. 

The aquarium house is small but has multiple varieties of fishes that we didn’t see earlier.

After spending a few hours there, we returned to the resort and moved towards Kozhikode, which was the plan of our trip.

Move towards Kozhikode:

trip to calicut

While moving towards Kozhikode, we visited Thusharagiri Waterfalls.

It is an excellent fall located in the Kozhikode district. 

Although the water flow is low, the beauty of the falls can’t be short. This scenic waterfall has touched the heart of our employees with its beauty.

Before dusk, we reached hotel Malabar Palace. The hotel is near Kozhikode beach. The sounds of sea waves can be heard from our hotel rooms. It is something thrilling, that made us visit the beach after taking a nap for a few hours.

Kozhikode, or Calicut beach, is known for its’ sunset view. There were several visitors gathered around to view a glimpse of the sunset.

trip to kozhikode

A beautiful selfie point, “I love Kozhikode”, is placed near the beach. It enhances the beauty of the beach and the selfie of the visitors. The beach is even the best place for trying out delicious seafood like fish, prawns and squids. As we were hauling near the beach, we spent a long time at the beach. 

Late in the evening, we returned to our hotel and had our dinner. We had planned a night walk, but as most of us were tired and had other plans in the morning, we cancelled it.

The Final Day:

We reached Beypore beach at dawn. It is one of the oldest beaches in Calicut and boasts a 2 km sea walk into the Arabian sea. Its immense natural beauty is attracting thousands of visitors, including us. There were several water sports activities, which our teammates enjoyed.

There was a nearby place named Dolphin place, which we all visited. As the weather was not good, we couldn’t glimpse any dolphins there.

After spending some hours, we returned to Bangalore.

While returning through the Mysore route, we thought it would be better to feel the ethereal beauty of Brindavan garden. Around evenfall, we reached the place. The place is famous for its musical fountain in the evening. 

After a long trip, this was what we all were expecting. The musical fountain in the garden was something worth viewing.

After enjoying the show till its end, we returned from where we had started. Late twilight, we reached Bangalore. Thus our official trip to Kerala ended safely.

It was one of our memorable trips with our colleagues to Kerala. On the next day, we resumed our work.


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