2019: The Year in Review- Gloify

Wrapping 2019

A short story, how we started

The story of Gloify dates back to 2017 when a few tech enthusiasts and IITians came up with an idea of starting their own company that would offer all the technical support for startups and product-based companies rather than providing just development services.

Whether there is a one-man startup looking for a single developer or a multinational corporation in need of a large development team. It was a time when Indian startups were already booming up, and they all were experiencing great growth but lacked development expertise in advanced technologies to build their innovative ideas into products.

From there we are dedicated to creating robust and sophisticated enterprise software solutions and innovative products. Our team, who shared several core philosophies and help to harness the full value of our location’s advantages to help startups and businesses reach their business goals faster, with better quality, and a lot more affordable.

Since then we’ve seen our clients grow from small startups to scalable enterprise companies. We were there when they merged with industry leaders. We celebrated every fundraising, every launch and success.


Problems are everywhere

The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity” rightly fits for startups in any domain.

After the United States and China, India has got the biggest startup ecosystem in the world. The Indian ecosystem continues to remain attractive for investors, with billions of funding and the sector demonstrating growth rate 2019. Startups building solutions for India-centric grass root level problems across healthcare, education inclusion, and the financial sector.

Managing tech projects is a tough skill, and many young startups may found in their early steps. Building a tech product and marketing their products and ensuring that their scale large are the two big challenges that tech startups facing.

Technology should be seen as an enabler and not an end by itself. Techies, managers and designers need to master product management and teamwork processes. Being an early-stage startup forming a tech team seems hard for any. Becoming a technology partner for startups who can bring scalability to the application, as well as in their business. And guiding the startups with the right architecture, design and implementation, and help to build a robust product. This was the core of building blocks of Gloify that we are still following today.



We kept providing our tech support in 2019 to ensure quality development 

We kept providing our tech support in 2019 to help small-large enterprises to build their products or platform in the earliest stages of growth, we understand that everyone wants to scale and scaling is about efficiency and sustainability both of which increasingly will hinge on certain crucial technologies. We ensure to be a long-term partner in their business’s growth, support them where they want to be tomorrow and share the vision for the future together.


Backed many startups and enterprises to build their team in the shortest time

Business needs to keep running, work needs to get done and employees are needed to produce output. We provided skilled resources to many enterprises and startups in 2019 to build their team and help their development process ranging from job placement to matching temporary workforce. We’ll keep helping enterprises to find talent skilled candidates and personality to fit in with their team and help them to flourish.


Technologies we were using in 2019

We carefully define the technology stack for each project to deliver solutions that are perfectly tailored to businesses. Being on the front-line of custom software development, we learned that only cutting edge technologies help to reach the goals and meet the advanced customers need. Following that, we use modern tech stack such as-

tech stack

tech stack


Delivering immaculate solutions with our quality is driven process

Since the beginning, we are working to develop only high-quality digital products. To achieve this, we’ve come up with our focused driven process. Streamlined processes, proven technologies, and talented people and industry expertise. The combination of these things makes us one of the top software development companies. We focus on clean code and maintainability and scalability of the final product. Our team is happy to advise all our clients on the best technical solutions.


We are expanding our services Globally

Technology is booming in every corner of the world and its helping tech companies and startups to solve human life problems and make better use of technology and improve the quality of living for everyone.  The overriding reason to go global, of course, it to improve our potential for the expansion of our service. To cater to the tech needs of companies we expanded our services to multiple countries and continents in 2019. With coming years we are planning to go beyond and expand our development services to different other geographies.

Global Map

The key to exporting services is understanding where there is a problem or need in certain markets and knowing how to solve it.  And the social aspect of doing business plays an important role when working with international customers, It’s important to understand that different cultures have different business styles.


Technology that we adopting in 2020

As the business technology market nears trillions in annual spend, there will be expanding open doors for innovation and tech service providers to grow their businesses, and for technology buyers to innovate and upgrade their infrastructure, software, and services.

In the post-digital world, digital realities, related products, and services will be hyper-personalized. And we will require a technology vision that’s intensely customized and complementary to constantly changing on-demand experiences.  Incorporate the latest tech trends that’ll drive the post-digital wave. We have a digitally mature workforce to offer customized products and services that adapt to the constantly changing realities and adopt all the latest and advanced technology. To build advanced and digital products for meeting all the advance requirements and delivering high performance.


Machine learning, being the trending technology capturing the attention of millions in recent times. It’s engrossing how machine learning is influencing so many sectors of different industries such. Ever since the advent of machine learning, the fundamentals of industries have started to change for the better. We are going to start investing and implementing machine learning in 2020 in our tech stack.


  • Chatbots Development

New age AI messaging bots are creating a different way to work. Another reason is that the final output of the Bot development process has better retention compared to apps. The core essence lies in its swiftness, sturdiness, and reliability.

Chatbots will be revolutionizing the customer experience in the coming future. Our mobility experts leverage their deep understanding and expertise into the bot development process and are prepared to develop advance and customer chatbots incoming 2020.


  • Recommendation System

Every business wants to improve client interaction and sales,  a recommender system is what every one needs! These intelligent systems use deep learning technology to make accurate product recommendations. We have experts to developing highly intuitive recommender systems which leverage powerful artificial intelligence & ML algorithms to enable smart decision-making by providing customers with relevant suggestions in the world of endless choices. 


  • AR & VR

We at Gloify, working across a range of industries and planning to leverage Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR),  technologies to develop cutting-edge interactive, engaging and immersive products in 2020 for learning and development. With extensive expertise in blending high potential verticals, We efficiently create the unique virtual reality technology that brings the right solution for your modern business.


Blockchain is evolving quite rapidly for the past few couples of years and has set its empire all around the globe in just a decade, gaining trust all around the world and helping different industries improve, accurate their performance. 

After so many events in 2019, the time has come for blockchain to explore its new angles, to take the businesses to the unexpected heights and to reach the very edges in the near future. Integration of  Blockchain in our services will unlock many gateways of future-possibilities towards thriving development solutions.


 Crowd Testing in our Services 

Adding Crowd Testing in our services in the coming year with a team of expert software testers works with you to thoroughly understand your requirements, designs a test plan, and then guides the crowd testers to test your software application to optimise the user-friendliness, usability, and functionality of your digital products under real-world conditions using the collective knowledge of a global online community.


We’re just about to enter a new year. And new year will bring plenty of fresh opportunities, new challenges, and the chance to build our services that will create a better tomorrow. Our main goal for 2020 is staying aligned with where we have headed help the team rally together as our business soars to the top.